South Taveuni Pre-school

This exciting project was adopted by the Rotary Club of Geelong Central in late 2012 in conjunction with the Deakin University Global Citizenship Program.  At the time of adoption it was unique in that this was the first ABCD project not to involve the sponsorship of children to attend school, but focused entirely on the building of a new pre-school to add to the existing primary and high school infrastructure. The old playground area and the old pre-school (pictured here) – which was pretty well falling apart anyway, were demolished to make way for a brand new and larger pre-school, complete with toilet and washing facilities. And of course we couldn’t forget the need for a new playground too!

Sth Tav webAfter much planning and organising of materials and logistics, a serious challenge in remote locations, the building project began in June 2013. Eight volunteers from the RC Geelong Central were joined by eight Deakin Uni. students and a team of local builders, trained by the RC Taveuni Island in the basics of construction and building trades. The local villagers willingly provided additional labour. Isn’t it wonderful what can be achieved in a few short weeks when the widest imaginable range of skills and backgrounds work together to make a difference!