Daisy Chains Sponsors 3 Children

OK – so it never rains but it pours – no updates for ages then heaps on the same day – sorry! It’s just that a lot is happening and we keep meeting lots of very generous people!

Like Emma Wall (very talented daughter #2) and the Urban Folk (no relation whatsoever!). Emma and her band wrote produced and recorded the ABCD theme song ‘Daisy Chains’. The students from Deakin Uni taught the song to the students at Lavena Primary School and this featured as the backing on the ABCD promo video produced by Les Thompson.

Now Emma and the band have released a new CD featuring Daisy Chains and many other fabulous songs. At the CD launch in Melbourne and Adelaide and at a couple of gigs in the past week or so they have persuaded some very generous audiences to part with enough cash to be able to sponsor THREE ABCD children at the Taveuni Central Primary School – an ABCD Project managed by the Rotary Club of Forest Hill. The band have planned for the sponsorship of all three children to continue for the next three years! So heaps of thanks to Emma and the Band and the fantastic people in the audiences that have made it possible!

More info on the band here….


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