Lavena Pre-School Progress

All the planning and organising, creating the partnerships, the fundraising, the logistics of getting the materials and the people all in the same place at the same time…! And it all worked brilliantly! The pre-school building was officially opened on 30 June – and by all accounts is just a fantastic achievement – thanks to everyone involved at every stage.

The students from Deakin University Global Citizenship program, lead by Justine, cut the ribbon to open the building and to celebrate with the villagers. Justine represented not only the university, but also the Rotary Clubs of Templestowe and Taveuni Island, ABCD Inc., and the many supporters and volunteers who contributed so much to make this project possible.

Justine and her team are flying back to Australia over the next day or so and will be bringing with them I’m sure some great photographs and video which we will post on this website and our Facebook page as soon as possible. But in the meantime – some photographs of some of the steps along the way…