New Project: RC Geelong Central

The Rotary Club of Geelong Central have agreed to partner with ABCD, RC Taveuni Island and the Deakin University Global Citizenship Program to build a big new pre-school on the existing school complex at South Taveuni.

The primary and the secondary school have largely been built with local funds and the villagers and school community have done a fantastic job in raising their own funds for developing the site. The existing pre-school is all but falling apart and a new one is a priority need to get the children off to a great start with their education. Total cost is estimated at AU$24,000.

Deakin Uni. have very generously donated $5k and another $5k will be raised by the students who will be volunteering to go on the building trip in June/July 2013. the rest of the funding will come from the Rotary Club of Geelong Central.

We are hoping that a Rotary International matching grant might be forthcoming for the fit-out of the new building – fingers crossed! Of course – if you have a few dollars spare RC Geelong Central or ABCD would love to hear from you with your donation – every penny counts!

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