We will soon be adding a secure page so that you can make a donation by credit card on-line.  If you would prefer you can send a cheque  (payable to ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams) to us at the address on this page.

When you donate to ABCD: Art Building Children’s Dreams you can dedicate your donation to a particular child, or make a non-dedicated donation to be used where most needed. We strive to ensure that every child has at least one dedicated supporter. Multiple supporters for each child are welcomed. If you dedicate a donation of AU$250 to a particular child you will receive a presentation folder with photographs, story and original artwork. This amount will cover the cost of the child’s education for a whole year!

We will provide regular updates on all ABCD Projects as they develop.  All dedicated donors will be sent an email update about their child, including school reports, together with the child’s photo, story and artwork.

How much should you donate? Well, any amount will help.  However it might help to know that each child has an individual education fund and we keep records of each child’s fund.  The estimated cost of schooling from kindergarten to the end of secondary school varies considerably from country to country.  With our current focus on the Pacific Islands, in particular the more remote parts of Fiji, a donation of AU$250 will take the child through school for a whole year.  Any surplus at the end of the school year will be used to provide additional learning materials and resources for the school.

We are also working with a number of schools to help them develop their resources and infrastructure.  In 2012 we built a new pre-school at Lavena on Taveuni Island, and in 2013 our second pre-school at South Taveuni.

When should you donate? What better time than right now! But again, it’s up to you. We will be establishing new ABCD Projects from time to time, so please re-visit our web site to see what’s happening.

We have registered the ABCD Project with the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) and as a result we can give a tax receipt for your donations.