Wanted: Event planner, organizer

This person should be able to plan, organize and pull off successful fundraising events such as dinners, silent auctions, music concerts, run/bike/walk events, and any other creative avenue to raise funds for ABCD.

Wanted: Submission writer 

There are many, many philanthropic trusts out there, just waiting for a wonderful organisation like ABCD to come along! Your job will be to find them and tell them all about our wonderful work.  Then they will send us heaps of money and we can get more children into school and build more things and make life a little easier for those in desperate need of help to give their children the education they deserve.

If you would like to volunteer your time or services to our organization please email us at info@abcdreams.org.au. We’d love to hear from you!

Friends of ABCD (Australia)

Here are some of the wonderful people and organisations who have volunteered their time or services so far:

Deakin University Global Citizenship Program who have partnered with ABCD Australia to help us build pre-schools, teach the children and make a big difference to so many young lives.

Franca Leeson in Toronto for setting up this website, providing the framework and generally helping us along the way with all the ‘techie’ stuff!

Corporate Express – the stationery company that provided masses of coloured pencils, crayons, markers and drawing equipment for the first ABCD pilot project in Suva August 2009.

The Rotary Club of  Templestowe for agreeing to run with the ABCD concept, the pilot project and for their continuing support.

Denis Hyland for his support with picture framing materials and his professional guidance.