What Donations Do

All funds dedicated to a particular child are used exclusively for that child’s education and support needs. Non-dedicated funds could be used as a source of funding more general needs for a group of supported children, or for new projects, e.g., school breakfast programs, building improvements, improving facilities.

Depending on whether your donation is dedicated or non-dedicated, and on the needs of a particular child, your donation may help pay for:

  • school lunches
  • supplementary food if needed (maize, beans)
  • exam fees
  • tuition fees
  • school photos
  • school improvement costs
  • school uniforms
  • shoes
  • school supplies
  • personal hygiene needs
  • awards for improvement in school

Looking to the Future

We are constantly looking at how the needs for support are changing in our ABCD Project schools and locations, with a view to adding to or modifying the support we are able to offer. ABCD Project research is never ending – we want to make sure we are applying our efforts and donations in the most effective way possible.
  • micro-finance schemes for post education work opportunities
  • remedial and tutoring help
  • post-secondary options for the children’s futures (apprenticeship, college, university, occupational micro loans)