Board Meeting 5 August

The recently expanded ABCD Board met on 5 August. Without doubt, this really is a lively, enthusiastic and passionate crowd of people. Coming from such diverse backgrounds certainly adds to the boards strength and breadth of vision for the future.  To see a profile of ABCD Board members, click on ‘Read about us’ and the ‘Who are we’ in the tabs above. Every member of the ABCD Board either has, or has applied for, the Victorian department of Justice ‘Working with Children’ card, which is only issued after a thorough police check.

Whilst we all agreed that the August 2009 Fiji pilot project had been successful, we also noted that we had learned a lot in the process, which can only improve our approach to further projects. John Bennie is taking a further look at the learning points and completing a ‘SWOT’ analysis on the project to give us specific areas for development.  John is also refining the huge list of ABCD Art Product ideas that have been generated by the MBA students at Monash University in their creative thinking programs run by Ken Wall.

Brian Negus is completing a marketing plan aimed at persuading other Rotary clubs around Australia that they really need to adopt an ABCD project!

Greg Wragg is developing a new set of project criteria so that we can give much better guidance to potential participants and sponsors in future projects, and together with Tony Monley is working on gaining approval from the various authorities in Australia that will allow donations to ABCD to be tax deductible. This would be a great advantage to potential donors.

Diane Fisher and Ken Wall will be working on the advertising and publicity issues – how best can we promote the ABCD concept and keep existing supporters fully up-to-date on what’s happening, both with the ABCD program and the progress of the children they support.

Ken Sharpe is making sure that our admin systems are up to scratch – something that’s easy to overlook but with Ken’s thoroughness in this area we are in good hands.

And finally, Ken Wall is looking at the most effective way to publish the ‘Thriblett’ books.

What’s a Thriblett I hear you ask…?  Look out for the next blog – all will be revealed.