Website or blog…?

Is this a website or a blog?  A couple of people have asked us that question just recently – and the short answer is…?


We have designed the site so that when you visit, the first page you hit is the ABCD blog page.  This means that most of the times you re-visit us you will see an update on what’s happening and get a new slant on the ABCD concept.  It’s like the front page of a newspaper, complete with headlines and pictures!

All the stuff that doesn’t change quite so often is listed in the menu bars above this page – more like a typical or traditional website.  We figured that you would rather see the new information first, then look for the more general information as you need it.  Of course – we would more than welcome your feedback on the design, the layout, ease of navigation and content.  Even more importantly – please send us your thoughts on the ABCD program and how you would like to help us.

You can email us at info at abcdreams dot org dot au.